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Basics and essentials.

Some useful information to get you started in the right direction.


Good to know.

Staircase basics.

A quick introduction to basic staircase components and design principles.

Number of goings and risers.
Numbering of goings and risers.

Stair drawing checklist.

A check list of information required before starting to draw the staircase.

Stair drawing check list, A list of the information required before drawing the stairs.
Stair drawing – check list


Best to know.

Centre line is King.

Why the centre line is so important and why to have a good understanding of how it works.

centre line stringer offset dia 1
centre line stringer offset dia 1

2D staircase stretch out.

Stretch out.

By opening the staircase out into a 2D drawing you can confirm the flow of the handrail.