The curtail tread with a commode front.

The commode curtail tread is way to give a softer look to the curtail tread, the commode front may also be used if you want to bring the curtail ends back in tighter to the stringers in situations where you have narrow hallways. the commode will allow you to retain the curtail feature you wish to have but keep the stairs narrower by swinging the curtail end back a bit and then wreathing the Monkey’s tail from farther around the curve instead of perpendicular to the front of the tread.

The commode front may continue up into the second or third treads to give a really grand start to the flight.

Here again, the Monkey’s tail will need to be drawn first: In order to be able to design the tread to set under it correctly and the spindles to sit on the tread correctly.

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Commode curtail tread
The commode curtail Tread.
commode curtail tread.
Commode curtail.

Interactive 3D models.

Here we have a few samples to give an idea of the finished article, The spindle spacing will change dependant on the size of the Monkey’s tail and corresponding curtail tread.

There are 2 options for supporting the handrail over the curtail end, either a newel post or a bird’s cage of spindles.

Click an image below for the interactive 3D model of that layout. Some of these are fairly large files and may take a few seconds to load.

Monkey’s tail over newel post.

The newel post may be used to support the Monkey’s tail feature end, the post is set central to the cap part of the monkey’s tail and normally bolted down through the tread with the retaining nut fitted from the underside of the floorbaords, this helps spread the load and stabalises the newel post.

A Monkey's tail set over a newel post on a commode curtail tread.
Curtail tread with Commode front and a Monkeys tail set over a Newel post 3D

Monkey’s tail over Bird’s cage of spindles.

When a newel post is not being used, the monkey’s tail may be set upon a bird’s cage of spindles, the spindles follow the centre line of the handrail around the outside of the curtail and back into the centre of the monkey’s tail cap part.

Stability to the handrail is created by the circular positioning of the spindles around the curtail.

To show the Monkey's tail set over a bird's cage spindle arrangement and curtail tread.
Curtail tread with Commode front and a Monkey’s tail set over a bird’s cage of spindles. 3D

22MB Filesize.

Commode curtail tread.

Curtail tread with the Commode front. 3D