Feature tread design. "D"

“D” Tread.

The “D” tread end is a fairly standard tread design, this design may be used with many different handrail terminations. It is suited more to the offset termination such as the Monkey’s tail or offset opening cap. you may also find this style with a newel post termination to closed string stairs: The newel would sit on top of the first tread and connect to the stringer at the second riser.

The “D” tread should be designed to the correct size for whichever handrail termination you intend to have set over it, this will mean drawing the handrail termination first in order to be able to ascertain the correct proportions for the “D” end or ends.

Depending on the finish you are trying to acheive the “D” ends may need to be of solid construction: In order to be strong enough to mount the newel post on.

The “D” end is suitable to mount a number of handrail terminations on: Monkey’s tail, offset opening cap, Ram’s horn, ETC.

The parts can be mounted over: cast newel post, timber newel post or a cage of spindles.

D tread ends.
"D" tread ends
"D" tread