Here I am adding different ways to start the spiral staircase, these are in no particular order but I have numbered them as I do them for refencing.

I will show as many variations as I can but you can of course oick and choose different elements from each design and build your own design.

Spiral design 1.


Cut strings, Commode curtail feature tread, Fantailed opening and Monkey’s tail handrail feature set over a bird’s cage of spindles.

About the design.

One of the most complex ways to start a spiral staircase, even with the complexity of this elaborate start to the flight, when set out correctly this style of start to the spiral stairs looks simple and elegant.

By adding the fantail opening to the start, especially on narrower flights, the stairs are more welcoming and less tunnel like when entering, this will also help when it is desirable to change the direction of the opening in order to make them more visually appealing from a differnt direction in the area in which they occupy, this may be to turn them towards a doorway or towards the focal point of the area.

N.B. This is a large model, load time approx 15 seconds.

Spiral flight with commode curtail tread and fantailed stringers.
Spiral flight with commode curtail tread and fantailed stringers.