Spindle pattern 1

Sample spindle. free to download. Don’t be shy – give it a try.

A sample to download and see how these 3D models and 2D outlines  can be droped straight into your drawing or visual design package. Accuratly drawn for manufacture purposes. Our download section is at the bottom of the page with Zip folders for .3dm .igs and .dwg Should you want a different file format, we would suggest downloading RhinoCad Evaluation, This is a limited time trial version that will allow you to open our .3dm file and save it in another format that may suit your software.


ex 50 X 50 mm – 2” X 2”

par 46 X46 mm – 1 ¾”

Minimum suggested handrail base size: 52mm – 2″

Kno Hints.

Spindle block lengths may need adjusting to suit the height of the handrail on a cut string staircase.

When choosing a handrail confirm the base is wide enough to allow the top block, at angle, still fits within the base, through turns.


All downloads at bottom of page.

3D model – for visuals .3dm .igs

2D outline – for drawings .3dm .igs .dwg

Plate 1 (pdf) Print to show clients or pin to your wall.

Full size, Split print with alignment targets for A4 or letter printers. (pdf) paste to board, cut round and take to your wood turner.

View in shop.


Spindle 1 spinning.
3d cad model download.
Spindle 1 shaded
Spindle 1 full size outline
2D cad outline download.
Spindle plate 1 shaded
Spindle plate 1. Print this for your wall.
full size spindle print
Split print. PDF A4 or letter printers.
spindle 1 visual vr
spindle 1 visual2 vr