Turned Spindles.

Digitally scanned from original spindles.

Here are a selection of spindles patterns for you to choose from, these are based on standard U.K. spindle sizes, by selecting a particular spindle you can view further information and downloads on that style.

Many spindles around the United Kingdom are of a 45mm stock, there is a slight change mainly in the London area where the spindle size is reduced to 35mm. should you have square spindles, we have not drawn these but they are normally Ex 1″ X 1″ which would have finished at 7/8″ or 22mm.

Many of these spindles will run with the turn length constant, in some cases the bottom block will remain constant and the turn length will increase, in these circumstances the bottom block is more often than not the same height as the rise, so that the top of the block is at the same level as the tread above.

Another change to the constant turn height is when the handrail drops back to floor level, normally under another flight, these will normally just have the tops trimmed to height however the trun length may be reduced to diminish the spindle height.

Precaution!! When choosing a spindle for your stairs, confirm the top block size against the base size of the handrail through any turns you may have.

Detail pages include.

A brief description.

PDFs of plates.

3D visual.

Full size images for detailed inspection.

3D models for download into your own design package.

Scaled outlines to issue to wood turners for manufacture.

Spindle 1 – sample spindle – free downloads.

Spindle Plate I

Spindle Plate I

Spindle Plate II

Spindle plate II coming soon.

Spindle Plate II