Quick guide – Newel centre line.

Setting out the newel for the stringers and landings is fairly simple, once you know your spindle size. Working from the centre of the newel, this will also be the centre of the spindles and handrail but not always the stringer. The landing face and the stringer face will both be half a spindles width off of the centre line: this will allow the faces of the spindle to align with the stringer and landing faces.

N.B. This is traditional for timber spindles. Should you need to allow more material for setting thin steel bars etc that need to be drilled into the landings or stringers you will need to increase from the centre line the edge of the landings or stringers equally to accommodate the additional material required.

Newel centre line.
Stringer and landing positioning.

Stringer newel position video.

Watch the video for a quick introduction to getting the stringer position for both cut and closed stringers.