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Cast iron newels.

We are adding a selection of cast iron newel posts with 3d models.

This is the first one taken from a traditinal cast newel first introduced in the 19th century and fairly prevalant throughout London.

Cast Iron Newel Post.
Cast Iron Newel Post.


Newel centre line.

How to align the handrail, spindles and stringers.

Newel centre line.
Stringer and landing positioning.

Stringer position.

Where to set the stringers into the newel post. the difference between cut string and closed string positions.

Vertical cut line, cut stringer handrail.
Vertical cut line, cut stringer handrail.


changing to a feature tread.

Newel removal.

How to replace the newel post and bottom tread with a feature tread and handrail.

square to turned newel post.

Square to turned newel.

How to cut down a square newel and add a turned newel.