Here we have a selection of different styles of Monkey’s tail or wreathing volute.

They are not all just pretty pictures but various pictures of any monkeys’ tails I have been involved in and at any stage that I may have taken the picture.

Some of these are:

Original parts that have been refurbished,

Replaced after being removed, in an earlier house modernisation,

Added to new runs of handrail to match existing.

New build.

The shape and style can vary considerably, it is personnel perference as to the style and the amount of embelishment required.

These are all but one, wreathing 2 part Monkey tails, in that the handrail will carry on pitching through the first 90º of the turn, bring the feature part of the volute to level at the same height as over the nosing down the pitch.

When the handrail comes to level before the 90º bend, the handrail will lift in height over the feature tread, this will mean fitting taller spindles and/or newel post.

Low resolution thumbnails for gallery display,

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