Pre drawn treads with component parts.

Monkey’s tail over curtail sample.

Pre drawn treads with component parts, this will allow you to quickly drop the correct size and scale stair parts onto your basic flight plan. We will draw the parts with various spindle sizes; so the centre lines work. These are drawn for particular spindle and handrail sizes and should not be scaled, The handrail size can be changed but any alteration to its size will alter the look of the Monkey’s tail. We will add 3d visuals to get an idea of the finished product before you commit to the drawing you use.

2 part wreathing Monkey’s tail.

The Monkey’s tail’s drawn here are a traditional 2 part wreathing style, this is the more traditional style that allows for the handrail to sweep from pitch to level while turning through the first 90º . This will also allow the Monkey’s tail to sit at the same height as the handrail down through the pitch of the stairs.

We will be marking each drawing in the following manner:- MonkeyTail_44_8_72  Or:- Component part name_spindle size in mm_sections tread split into_handrail width in mm.

Spindle size base block:  45mm  1 3/4″ Monkey tail split-8

Spindle size top block max: 45mm 1 3/4″

Handrail profile base width min: 51mm 2″

(N.B. confirm spindle top block against any turns you may have in handrail run. See Quick guide – spindles in turn. coming shortly.)

Handrail O/A size: 72mm – 2 7/8″

On plan these will work for any pitch, in practice the wreathing lead in will be made to suit the pitch.

Monkey's Tail over 44mm spindles tread divided by 8.
Monkey’s Tail over 44mm spindles tread divided by 8.
Monkeys tail over curtail tread.
Monkeys tail over curtail tread.
Monkey's tail over curtail.
Monkey’s tail over curtail.


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How to draw a handrail horizontal scroll

Visit our instruction page on how to draw your own scroll also with an instructions pdf to download, print out and work from.

The centre line.

Understanding the handrail centre line.

How the curtail tread is constructed.

The curtail parts and how to assemble them.