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Handrail profiles.

Different handrail profiles, traditional and modern, most of the traditional profiles have been scanned from the original handrail fitted to historic or period properties.

Full size prints, different sizes for different spindles.

Download these and drop them into your drawings.

Handrail profiles H1 - H4 rendered in Oak
Handrail Profiles Sheet 1 Oak

Feature separation.

How to separate the different handrail features at the start of a flight that has a feature tread and a landing handrail returning to another flight below.

handrail feature separation.
handrail feature separation

Wall rail flow.

A look at the options of how the wall rail may transition at the changes of pitch and direction.

Either flowing or mitred.

Wall rail mitred transitions.
Wall rail mitred transitions perspective view.

Wall rail Terminations.

Some options on how to terminate a wall handrail.

Straight handrail with rams horn ends.
Straight with rams horn ends.


Quick on the draw.

This section is a shortcut to some time saving bits.

It is advisable to have a good understanding of how to draw these parts before using these “drag and drop drawings”

Monkey's Tail over 44mm spindles tread divided by 8.
Monkey’s Tail over 44mm spindles tread divided by 8.

Component Geometry.

Drawing the handrail components, these guides will help with the design and drawing of the staircase that fits under them.

handrail component, Monkey's tail Geometry
How dividing the space for the Monkey’s tail will open or close the turns.

Handrail profile cad outlines.

A quick reference page for the different handrail profiles to suit the different spindle sizes.

Cad outlines for download.

Handrail profile outline 9B 35
Handrail profile outline 9B 35

Natural height through landings and turns.

How the handrail will reach a natural height along the landings, allowing the handrail to flow equally at the lead in and lead out pitches.

The mid point handrail height.
The mid point handrail height.


Cutting the opening cap joint angle.

How to cut the opening cap once you have the joint angle.

Opening cap 2nd cut.
Opening cap 2nd cut.

Getting the opening cap joint angle.

How to mark the opening cap for cutting the handrail in.

The stages of cutting an opening cap.
The stages of cutting an opening cap.

Rebating diminishing handrail.

How to cut the 90º rebate for setting the handrail to the underside if stringers and ceilings.

Diminishing handrail under ceiling or stringer.
diminishing handrail under ceiling and stringer.


Handrail ties.

The handrail ties used to stabilise the handrail, used on many traditional geometric handrails.

Period handrail tie.
Period handrail tie.

Handrail stands.

A mobile stand that you can set on the treads or landings to set the handrail to height and hold it in place while fitting the spindles.

Handrail stands used for fitting handrail.
Handrail stands