Handrail profile 12.


This handrail profile was scanned in a property just off Oxford street, London. The original handrail was set on a metal ballustrade,  running up the flight that was a large square flight with quarter space landings. This handrail worked alongside handrail profile 11 that was used for running up the wall side of the staircase. Both handrails were made from Brazilian Mahogony. The property was built mid 19th century.

Download 1:1 cad files of the outlines, in .3dm .dwg .igs to suit the different spindle sizes.

Handrail profile 12 Oak
Handrail profile 12 shaded
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Handrail profile 12 outline

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Download profile 12C


handrail-profile-12C-3dm.zip Membership Required: Professional



handrail-profile-12C-dwg.zip Membership Required: Professional



handrail-profile-12C-igs.zip Membership Required: Professional
Handrail profile 12 3d