Handrail profile 1.

Sample Handrail Profile. free to download.


ex 75 X 50 mm 3” X 2”

par 70 X 44 mm 2 3/4″ X 1 3/4”

A traditional and timeless classic, O.K. so a bit cliché but this profile is used in many traditional properties but works nicely on modern finishes such as glass balustrade. Due to its continued use through the ages, it is difficult to tell during which period this handrail was fitted.

This handrail profile has been known as mopstick for many years, in recent years or since about the 1990’S round handrail has become more often specified due to health and safety, this round profile is now more often referred to as mopstick handrail.

This is the ideal shape for anyone learning tangent handrailing or with limited machinery. an added advantage is; you will not require much if any carving experience, easy to shape and easy to blend on the corners.

Handrail profile 1 Downloads,

Handrail image sheet 1 (pdf) Oak Render.

Handrail plate 1, (pdf) Book style shaded.

1:1 cad files of the outlines, to suit the different spindle sizes.

Handrail profile 1 in Oak.
Handrail profile 1 shaded.
Handrail profile 1 to suit 22mm or 7/8" spindles
Handrail profile 1 to suit 35mm or 1 3/8" spindles.
Handrail profile 1 to suit 44mm or 1 3/4" spindles
Handrail profile 1 spinning