The "steps" required for making the stairs.

Production guides and aids.

Drawing the rods and making the stairs

Here we will be going through the processes required for making the stairs and handrail, setting out the stair rods for production, how the handrail is made. all the fun stuff in making the stairs.

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How to make the handrail parts.

We will have guides on how to make such things as wreathing 2 part Monkeys' tails, Ram's horns, profiled ends, pitch to pitch turns, the tools used to cut them out and carve them. How to draw the parts using the tangent handrailing system. How to tell the difference between hand carved and CNC handrail and how to make the latter look more like hand carved handrail.

Making the stairs.

Tried and trusted methods.
The staircase industry has been going for a while now and there are set ways of doing things for a good outcome, we will show you how to create the stairs including building curtail and commode treads that are ready for whatever may go on top of them wether it be a cast newel post that needs fixing through the tread or a turned newel post mounted on top of the tread. We will have a look at how to make cooper built stringer drums, how to set the plaster bead to the underside and much more.

Inside the stairs

The working parts.
A look at how the underside of the stairs is constructed, from how the carraiges carry the stairs and join into the landing, how the trimmers on the landings are set out to take the new flight of stairs, why the stairs should sit in the stair well and not on to the landings.
Drawn to scale and correctly as it being made, turn the layers on and off to get a full picture of how the stairs are traditionally made.