Hopefully, you never have to see this page.

Here we will be looking at many of the common problems that handrailers come across as the penultimate trade on the stairs: Leaving the french polishers as the last trade.

This is where poor design shows out, The handrail is the house that sits on the staircase that is the foundations. With the wrong foundations in place you are not going to get the house you wanted.

That being said there are many ways to get close but there will be a compromise somewhere along the way. this may be from handrail running into the landing area and not staying on the nosings, to mitres rather than curves or any number of other issues.

This section will show some of these hickups and either ways to correct them or ways to try and diguise them as best as possible.

The best part is we will direct you to articles expaining how the job should have been done in the first place.

I have a large collection of problems that I have had to resolve over the years, although I do not have pictures from many of these situations I can recreate them with visuals to give an explanation of the situation.


The 90º lifted to allow longer legs.
The 90º bend lifted to allow longer legs.