About these trimmers.

These are the trimmers I use, I have found the advantages in these particular trimmers are that the bases are clear plastic, which allows some vision through them.

Being plastic it is easy to drill and attach a riding knife or “v” shaped bed to the bottom of the actual bed, this allows you to work on concave moldings using different shaped cutters.

With health and safety being what it is, this is probably not permitted; as no guides or physical safety precautions can be fitted to the machine, this leaves just the self-preservation, safety option.

These trimmers are as per their big brother routers, can snatch if pushed too fast or too deep a cut is used. Sharp cutters are a must when using these machines.

Hitachi – M6SB

The Hitachi trim tool is one of these trimmers, light weight and easy to control when are working freehand and you can not use a guide.

Hitachi M6SB laminate trimmer.
Hitachi M6SB laminate trimmer.

Makita 3703 1/4″ Laminate Trimmer.

The Makita trimmer is the other trimmer I use, there is not much difference between either make.

This has now been updated with a new trimmer 3707F or the 3708F

Makita 3703 Laminate Trimmer.
Makita 3703 Laminate Trimmer.