In this section, we will show the different stages of drawing the staircases and handrails, from the individual components to full flights, we will show trimmed versions if just drawing for visuals we will show the full drawing modelling process for production.

Each of the parts we draw we will draw as if we were going to be manufacturing the staircases in a workshop. this may not be needed for your visuals but it may give those without a joinery background an understanding of how the staircases are constructed.

We will work through from having just the total rise, to how to get the total going, draw the plans as if drawing the rod, and from this creating the elevations and 3d models.

The sections

Handrail components.

staircase components.

Lesson 1 Part A

This is the first in our drawing videos, this part shows how to achieve a side elevation for a simple set of stairs with newels top and bottom.

Lesson 1 Part B