Modelling a staircase in Rhinocad. Model 1.

Straight flight with winders.


This is as much for my benefit as for anyone else, I am not saying this is the correct way as I am still learning CAD, so if anyone else can show quicker ways of doing things I would love to hear from you.

In the meantime these are the processes I work through to create the drawings, I am creating these notes so I can reference them when I forget how or in which order I created the drawings.

When I have finished this write up I will add the visual of the staircase that I have drawn up.

Maybe the wrong way to go about this but I create each visual as if I am building the staircase, this means that I know the staircase will work once constructed, some small details may be missed such as glue blocks, riser tongues and the rebate that they set into on the underside of the tread but these details should be common practice and not so necessary to show in these models when a crucial part or design feature, I will incorporate these details.

1. Getting started.

The first stage is to get all the information required, you will need the same information as you would for building the staircase in the workshop, plus some.

This will include:

  1. Rise and goings.
  2. Plan views.
  3. Tread thickness and nosing detail to include its projection.
  4. Riser thickness.
  5. Scotia detail.
  6. Stringer details for wall and well sides, top and bottom molding details. Top for the stringer to skirting transition, bottom for the plaster to stringer connection.
  7. Tread brackets if required and their design.
  8. Spindle size and design to calculate offset from handrail centre line to stringer face.
  9. Handrail profile.
  10. Landing depth, for the bottom of the stringer to flow into, remember the landing is just an odd shaped tread that needs to be included in the drawing, especially if linking flights.
  11. Skirting height, for the wall string to flow into.
  12. Any other details that may be specific to the staircase being visualised e.g. materials and finishes, surrounding walls and floor finishes, all dependant on the amount of detail you wish to show.

For this model we will assume all these details have been confirmed by this stage and it is just a case of building the model.

Info required.
Info required.

Getting started.