Change of look.

Initial design criteria.

To modify the existing flight by removing the newels, handrail and spindles, to be replaced with a continuous decorative metal balustrade.

To change the staircase from closed string to cut string allowing the shape of the treads to be exposed and making the main structure much lighter looking.

The existing flight.

The existing flight is in the main entrance hall and located in one corner.

The staircase itself is a 90º dog legged flight between the ground and first floor.

The flight is made of Oak with Oak spindles and handrail.

Closed string staircase.

The staircase is constructed as a closed stringer staircase.

Due to the way a closed string and cut string staircase are constructed it is not normally suitable to convert a closed string staircase to a cut string staircase.

Many older flights have carriages on the underside of the flight to carry the load and remove any deflection that maw be in the flight.

When these carriages are installed it may be possible to cut the stringers down but this still leaves the issue of the joint on top of the tread when the tread is extended to the outside of the stringer to accept the new return nosing.

The existing flight, 3d model.

With the scan data from the original flight and a few general site dimensions, I have created a quick representation of the area that the staircase is located in.

This will allow me to set any alterations, directly into the model and to be visualised for how the flight may be altered.

Starting visual.
Starting visual.

Change of handrail and spindles to existing.

The existing handrail and spindles may be changed to accept metal balusters with a core rail for the handrail.

The bottom newel post may be removed as long as the staircase is supported on the underside; to make up for the loss in structure by removing the newel post.

This will allow a feature tread to be fitted with a feature handrail termination set over the tread.

More about how this is achieved here:

Perspective view of modified stairs.
Perspective view of modified stairs.