Installation projects.

Some of the projects we have been involved in.

No, I didn’t always just sit at a desk making websites, So here we will look at some of the projects I have been involved in. Either making and fitting the project ourselves or just the design and subcontracting of others to carry out these projects.

I use these as reminder notes when I carry out similar projects, a lot of my work as a consultant means, I get called in once the project is underway and the contractor realises there is a lot more to staircases than they had anticipated, this is often close to the end of the project as it has been left on the back burner or considered not worth worry about until the end as it will get damaged during the rest of the build. it is all too easy to forget some of the obstacles that you stumble across when going in to fix a staircase that has been started by someone else, without a final game plan.

Here we will look at these projects and I will try to keep a list of obstacles and solutions that you may come across on your project.

Every project no matter how much they may initially appear to be similar will vary in some form or other. These projects are just a look at the way we have carried them out, the chances are you will have to pick different parts of the projects to carry out your own project. these may give you a heads up on some of the obstacles that you may come across.

A lot of these projects I get called in once the client/contractor realises the extent of the works, this may lead us to carring out work in a way that is not ideal but will get the staircase complete to a satisfactory conclusion.

The stairs are best designed from start to finish before the first cut is made.


General guidance notes for different Staircase projects.

These are the notes I use, if this is the first time reading this section then these may help, in the projects below this, I will give more details about that specific project, these may not have the general things to take into consideration.

Projects and case studies either complete or still live, with step by step or even tread by tread guides as to what each project involved, the anomalies we discovered along the way and the final outcome.


Just starting on these, please look back in a month’s time.

Steel cladding projects.

Concrete cladding projects.

Cladding Concrete staircases in timber reference notes.

Concrete stairs with timber risers and treads.

Coming soon.

Timber stair remodelling projects.

Nosing repairs.

Changing a cut string to closed string staircase.

Current ongoing project, follow along as this progresses.

Restoration and alterations.

Newels cut short.

Restoration and additions: To a georgian staircase.

Including stone and timber flights.

Altering an existing staircase.

Starting visual.

A look at design changes.

Altering an existing staircase.