The software.

An introduction to the software we use.

During building this resource we are using different programs, these programs in some instances may save files that can be used in other media eg. The .3dm files that are created by using Rhinoceros may be used on iPhones via the iRhino app or on android phones using the .3dm Viewer.

Here we will give you an introduction to the programs and how you can use them with the downloads and interactive drawings that we are producing.



For our drawings we use a 3d cad program called Rhinoceros or Rhino3d, we have found this to be easy to use when controlling handrail flow or setting out the staircase rods.

This is available on a 90 day evaluation trial, once the evaluation has expired you can still use the program to open any of our downloads, the only restriction is you will not be able to save any alterations made.

iRhino 3D

View native Rhino 3dm files on your iPad or iPhone.

This with our interactive design guides is ideal for using when in design meetings, open up such downloads as one of our feature tread design guides to demonstrate the different styles of tread available and design the tread to suit the property on which you are working. promote your preparation and professionalism with your clients.

3D pdf’s

Some of our guides are available in pdf format. these will open with Adobeacrobat reader

Artec Eva.

We are currently testing the Artec Eva, we will be using this to scan some of the more traditional staircase parts including cast newel post and tread brackets.

From these scans we will be able to document some of the more historic items that have been used in stair building.

We will be able to scan complete staircases and document those.

In our introduction article we have scanned a newel post, there is a sample 3d model for you to view.

Cast Newel post
A cast Newel post scanned with the Artec Eva.