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The information and resources here are to assist in learning about the different aspects of stairs.


As this is a reference site, the information will include interactive 3D models, downloads and large images that show the details. Therefore although small screen friendly, this site is best viewed on a grown-up screen.

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Wall rail terminations.

Round ends ramped
Ramped over/under with Rounded profiled ends.

Here we look at different ways to terminate the wall handrail.

Gooseneck on metal core rail.

The mitre coming form the flat 180º is good the mitreas at the bottom corner are to close.
The mitre coming from the flat 180º is good the mitres at the bottom corner are too close.

A look at setting out the core rail to take a timber handrail.

Handrail Adjustable stands.

Adjustable height pitch handrail stands
Adjustable height and pitch handrail stands.

How to make handrail stands for setting up the handrail.

Adjustable for both height and pitch.