Know about Stairs.

Reference and guidance site.

The information and resources here are to assist in learning about the different aspects of stairs.


As this is a reference site, the information will include interactive 3D models, downloads and large images that show the details. Therefore although small screen friendly, this site is best viewed on a grown-up screen.

A video introduction.

A look at what we have to offer and how to use this site.

Quick tips.

Quick tips is the place to get helpful hints on designing and setting out staircases.

we will be adding more of these over the coming weeks.

Aspects covered.

Design aspects.

How to draw the parts.

How to make the parts.

Working on site.

New pages.

Simplified stair going calculator.

A simple going calculator used for site work.
Simple going calculator

A simplified stair going calculator, Giving the options from 36º to 42º, quickly pick the angle and tread sizes that suit your space.

Introduction page here:

Full page calculator here:

Video drawing courses

Video lesson 1
Video lesson 1

We have started adding video CAD drawing courses, from elevations to plans to 3d models for different styles of stairs.

Drawing stairs for architects.

Cast balusters under and over the handrail.
Cast balusters under and over the handrail.

A quick look at the information required and how to use it.